Communication between team mates separates the winners from the losers. It is important to express all relevant information to your team mates. Discuss the field and the way your team will make use of it before the game even begins.

Suggestionsfor in game communication: 

k1 or kill one: is used after an enemy player is eliminated to know the amount of enemy players remaining. If a second player is killed then its (kill two).

Help: is used when you or your fellow team mate is in need of assistance. Be descriptive,example: (help center  field or help left side backfield)

Enemy: Is used to provide information on the position of enemy players. If an enemy is identified then you would describe his position for example by saying (enemy right side backfield or enemy left side tower). Knowing the distance of the enemy will also be helpful.

Friendly: Is used to inform other team mates that a team mate is eliminated. You can say (friendly out)

Flanking or Moving up: is used to tell your team mates when you are moving to your next bunker/position so that they can assist you wit cover fire. For example (say Moving up or Flanking left).

Caution: Used to warn team members when they are vulnerable to the enemy or when an enemy player is moving to a position that puts the team at a disadvantage. For example you would say (Caution midfield right side)


Do’s and Don’ts:

Splatter: Do not go out if a paint ball splatters through an object and hits you. Only Direct hits can eliminate you.

Blind fire: Always look where you are shooting. Do not stick your gun over the bunker and shoot without looking.

Sharingbunkers: Avoid sharing bunkers with team mates. You are making the enemy’s job easier.

Elbows: Keep elbows in when shooting paintball gun to ovoid getting shot. It is not a real rifle.

Communicate: Don’t keep your problems to yourself. Repeat yourself when communicating.

Clothing: Don’t wear highly visible clothing such as the blue overalls provided at the range.

Dropped paintballs: Do not pick up dropped paintballs. It will jam your gun.

Double tap: Shoot enemy players twice to make sure they know they have been eliminated. (this is optional and may not be appropriate in some circumstances)

Walk the field: It is important to walk through the field and obtain a better understanding of your surroundings before the game starts.

Don’t surrender: The enemy player might have expended his ammo. Shoot him.



Mask: Never remove your mask in game even if the game is over.

Barrel plug/sock: Barrel plug and sock can only be removed on the field.

Air/CO2 tank:  Completelyscrew your air tank onto the ASA of your gun.

Stupidity: Do not look down the barrel of your gun.

Velocity: Chronograph your gun to make sure its velocity is consistently beneath 270 feet/second.


Close Range: (tip: close range stings)

Barrel Tap: This is when you touch an enemy player with the barrel of your marker. The enemy player will be eliminated once he has been barrel tapped.

Surrender: This is when you give your enemy the option to eliminate himself from the game instead of been shot. However, the enemy player may choose to keep playing and try shoot you.

Keep marker up and ready to fire when moving thru close quarter environments.


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